The app

The new myAccendo App is a platform for secure access to certain documents and information, organized in the form of separated private clouds.

It also allows a new way of communication and exchange between Candeo and its clients & partners.

Finally, it constitutes a valuable informative database and marketing tools available and consultable at any time.

Virtual Family Office (VFO)

VFO’s have become widely popular and the concept is expanding rapidly.

Wealthy families often seek out for tailored and affordable family offices to cater for their specific needs. A Virtual Family Office (VFO) may be a solution when looking for the services provided by a top tier single family office (SFO) but without the burdens of having to setup their own or when there is no intention to work with a multi-family office (MFO).

A VFO uses a high level of outsourcing, effectively keeping staff and other expenses as low and flexible as possible. The VFO’s role is to coordinate a certain number of carefully selected professionals and experts whose services are available “on call” for their specific knowledge and experience. With the services provided by a VFO, the family retains direct control and flexibility and benefits from a wide array of investment, legal, tax, risk management and other areas of services and expertise.

Candeo is ideally placed to offer VFO services. Using its extensive network of professionals, Candeo has developed the required tools and platform to cater the needs of wealthy families looking for efficient and tailored family office solutions. Families receive the benefits of having the best hand picked professionals beyond those found in a conventional office environment. We can also coordinate and work directly with our clients’ advisors.

VFO Case Study – Property Holding and Investing in the UK
  • Family has purchased real estate properties in the UK through an estate and wealth planning structure setup specifically for this purpose. Administrators of the structure are in Switzerland.
  • Some properties have been purchased in order to generate regular income and are being rented out. The bank account which receives rent is located in Singapore where a discretionary managed portfolio is also held. Bank has provided lending in order to assist with the purchase. Legal charge issued in favor of bank.
  • Property insurance has also been put in place
  • Where required, property rental agents have been appointed in order to collect rental monies and pay property expenses.
  • For UK tax purposes, a UK tax advisor has been appointed along with a UK certified accountant

Candeo VFO offering


With myAccendo, a platform dedicated to cater for its specific client needs, Families benefit from a wide range of services at the tip of their fingers.


As VFO administrator, Candeo is responsible for maintaining the platform, effectively coordinating efforts from all parties involved ensuring that your goals and objectives are met in the most efficient way possible.

Easy access

Families may interact and communicate directly with all their advisors and related parties. Immediate and easy access to information is guaranteed.


  • Tax advisors and accountants have immediate access to information in relation to rental income received. Property expenses are also available effectively assisting accountant to meet relevant UK deadlines, without having to liaisewith administrators, avoiding turnaround delays and timezone differences
  • Bank has immediate access to the property documention as made available by the administrators
  • Investment manager has direct access to rental and bank statements and may undertake its duty and issue investmentreports
  • Information may be shared and made available to all parties. However, administrator may decide to limit accessdepending on circumstances (e.g. rental agents may not have access to financial statements).