A company is a separate legal entity, distinct from its shareholders, that offers a variety of advantages to businesses and private individuals.

Here is a selection of good reasons to set up a company, be it private or commercial:

  • Commercial activity with partners via collective enterprise or joint venture
  • Flexibility and upgradability
  • Improved access to financing
  • Advantageous double tax treaty access
  • Intellectual property right protection
  • Royalty tax planning
  • Asset and activity centralization under a holding vehicle umbrella
  • Corporate ownership of property, artwork and other assets
  • Protection of shareholder’s assets against liability claims
  • Shareholder confidentiality in commercial transactions (such as takeover)
  • Investor confidentiality in collective investments
  • Intra-group financing
  • Access to the provisions and undertakings of business law
  • Access to asset classes and investment products reserved for institutional investors
  • Improved commercial relations
  • Facilitates transmission of wealth (in combination with a Trust)
  • Access to highly reputed jurisdictions (to reduce risk or improve costs in trade financing), e.g. Switzerland

Candeo supervises the legal creation and ongoing administration of companies in various jurisdictions, providing compliance with local and cross-border tax and legal requirements.

Business office solutions

Whether in our Geneva or Dubai premises, we offer excellent business office solutions for temporary or permanent use. Our services provide the economic substance required and follows best practice.

Candeo organizes solutions in other locations in partnership with a carefully chosen external partner (Luxembourg, London, Miami, Mauritius, etc.)

  • This service is tailored to meet individual objectives and requirements where corporate services are provided.
  • We can also provide various services to assist and to set up offices such as staff recruitment and management, office equipments (landline, IT network, business continuity plan), website, etc.

Special purpose vehicles

A Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV is, as its name says, a legal entity that is created and maintained for the fulfilment of a specific task.  It serves a special purpose only.

It is often created and maintained for the following purposes:

  • Protection of a shareholder’s assets against liability claims
  • To facilitate transmission of wealth (e.g. in combination with a Trust or a Foundation)
  • Collective enterprise / undertaking commercial activities with partners / Joint Venture
  • Confidentiality of shareholder in commercial transactions (e.g. take over)
  • Access to specific asset classes or investment products usually reserved for institutional investors
  • Holding of commercial or residential property
  • Acquisition of aircraft and yachts
  • Debt structuring
  • Investments in Venture Capital or Private Equity


Registering an aircraft in the name of a corporate entity or special purpose vehicle (SPV) may provide a distinct number of advantages. High levels of confidentiality, corporate limited liability and taxes are the most immediate benefits. In some cases, a more complex structuring brings other benefits such as succession planning. Unfortunately, aircraft operators are rarely professional asset managers and may not be suited to cater for the needs of a corporate aircraft owner. Depending on individual circumstances, it may be prudent to seek the services of a specialized provider to ensure that the operators’ day to day activities are properly carried out.