family office

Family office solutions

Having acquired a degree of wealth, certain family members may find themselves tied up in its management, unable to enjoy the fruits of their assets and with precious little time to spend on what really matters – the other members of their family. They can also incur high costs when engaging numerous different advisers.

Family office services are ideal for people whose assets are complex in nature, size or location and who wish to sustain the long-term value of their assets and pass them on to future generations.  The assets might be comprised of companies, investments, property, aircraft or yachts and they are frequently located in a variety of countries.   

In these circumstances, a family office helps to support and maintain harmony within the family while also protecting and growing the family’s wealth.

Candeo provides comprehensive assistance in single family office creation and management in both Geneva and Dubai.

Exclusive services

Candeo, through its partner company Accendo Family Office, offers a wide range of family office services.

We also orchestrate the skills of rigorously selected external professional business partners to enhance the management of the personal and professional assets of your family in

  • wealth planning,
  • wealth management,
  • property management,
  • luxury goods management,
  • private office (including private administration and legal services),
  • relocation,
  • international medical insurance,
  • accounting and tax services.